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Welcome to Perfect Pattern Astrology!

Welcome to Perfect Pattern Astrology! I have been practicing Astrology and Healing work since the mid-1990s and offer you the opportunity for gaining insight into your life situation through transit, relationship and astrocartography readings. I am available locally in New York City and Alexandria, Virginia and internationally through Skype (trinitywellness) and by email.

I am celebrating my 2013 birthday by offering you a gift! I am discounting my Transit, Relationship and Relocation readings for a limited time by up to 70%. Please refer to my Terms for more information. Arrange for your reading by contacting me through this site and pay through PayPal at:


I am available for in person, telephone and email consultations. Check out the current Moon phase below. Personally, I am a Moon ruled Aries, a rather schizophrenic and mixed blessing for a fire sign. The silver lining is that powerful moon placement on my ascendant leaves me intuitively blessed!