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If you returned here from Paypal having ordered a reading, or if you have a question before ordering a reading, I need the following information for the subject(s) of the reading to provide you with the best result:

The subject(s) full name, place, date and time of birth: If you do not know the exact time please provide any anecdotal information that can help narrow it down. Was it during the night or day, AM or PM, light or dark. Charts can be calculated without birth time by assuming a sunrise birth. My atlas contains hospital information so if you have it, it is useful but not required. For Relationship reports, I need all of the above for BOTH parties.

Relocated Charts: If you are no longer in the vicinity of your birth and you desire Transit, Relocation or Relationship Reports, please include your updated location information in addition to your birth location. If you are ordering Relocation Reports (Astrocartography) include up to three potential destinations.

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