Kevin Kiernan

Kevin Kiernan is practicing astrologer, Certified Reconnective Healer and Mentor and holistic practice coach. As a faculty member of The Reconnection®, I travel all over North America teaching healing with the Instructors of The Reconnection LLC.

In my astrological work, I use the tools or Western Tropical Astrology supplemented by the tools of Magi Astrology®.  Before I began to focus exclusively on astrology in 1997, I also was an intuitive card reader, a practice I set aside for my favorite tool, astrology.

Astrology is an intuitive art and the guidance provided within your reading is truly healing counsel. Who better than a committed healing practitioner to provide you this service?

About the Background Chart Image

Perfect Pattern Astrology was so named after the model for human perfection, the Christ pattern as Edgar Cayce called it, and the Adam Kadmon image as JJ Hurtak called it in The Keys of Enoch. The Urantia papers identify Joshua Ben Joseph’s birth date as August 21, 7 BC at 12 noon in Bethlehem. Follow the link above to see the complete chart.

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