Arrange Your Reading with Kevin

I offer multiple types of readings each payable in advance through Paypal:

  • Birth Horoscope Individualized Reading (includes computer report) $150
  • Transit Report and analysis 3 Months $40
  • Transit report and analysis $150
  • Relationship Analysis (per couple) $195
  • Relocation (Astrocartography) Report 3 Destinations $150
  • Chart Rectification of Birth time $295
  • Pick The Date! Use astrology to optimize your event $195

In order to do your chart, I will need your date time and place of birth for the most accurate result. This information is generally available from your birth certificate. I can do chart rectification to estimate your actual time of birth based on significant life events which would allow me to “back into” your birth time. This service comes without guarantee and costs $295.

Relationship analysis can be done without accurate birth times as long as we have accurate dates and place of birth, as these analysis rely mostly on the interrelationships between the planetary placements of the two persons’ charts.

Pay here using PayPal:

Astrological Readings

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